What do you consider to be sustainable growth in the Calgary Metro Region?

04 Nov 2020
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Planning for the next million residents means that we need to make choices about what sustainable growth looks and feels like for the Calgary Metro Region. That means we’re thinking about the effects of our choices on the environment, the economy, and the people who make up our diverse communities.

Scenario 1 reflects what might happen if we keep doing what we've been doing in the way we approach growth. Scenarios 2 and 3 reflect different ways that the Calgary Metro Region might take a higher density approach to growth. 

If we choose to approach growth differently than we have in the past, our region could see the following effects as the next million residents join us:

  • 45% less land developed
  • 25% lower carbon emissions
  • 17% less water use
  • 19% fewer vehicle kilometers travelled (VKT)
  • 62% more people with access to transit within one mile of their homes

Click here to view some graphs and maps showing comparisons between continuing to grow as we have (Scenario 1) and planning for significant infill (Scenario 2) and/or concentrating growth around expanded transit networks (Scenario 3).

When you think about the next million residents coming to the Calgary Metro Region, what effects matter most to you? 

What do you see as the greatest benefits and drawbacks of higher density development (as shown in Scenarios 2 and 3)?

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