Fewer Office Commercial “Place Types”

28 Nov 2020
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The proposed approach for growth in the Calgary Metro Region is based on a mix of six different “place types”. Each “place type” reflects a variety of buildings, streets, and amenities, and represents a different type of development with different levels of density for residential and employment use. 

The Office Commercial “place type” is like Midpark/Midnapore in Calgary (check out the pictures below for a visual of this). This “place type” is characterized as an area with stand-alone office buildings. This “place type” is typically separated from adjacent uses although it can be located next to residential areas. This “place type” is an employment centre with supporting uses for workers such as food and business retail uses. There are no residential land uses in this “place type”. The average density is 20 employees per acre.

The proposed approach for managing growth in the Calgary Metro Region would see less focus on traditional standalone Office Commercial development, with the intent of moving these types of jobs more into Masterplanned, rural hubs, country cluster and City and Town Centre or Transit-Oriented-type developments that include a mix of both commercial and residential properties. We heard in the first phase of public engagement that community members want to see land used more efficiently to minimize land consumption. Having less standalone Office Commercial and more mixed use development will help meet this interest.

Based on your thoughts and experiences in the Calgary Metro Region, what do you see as the benefits and drawbacks of Office Commercial-type development? 

If there was less of this type of development in your community, how do you think your way of life might be affected, for better or worse?

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